On this page you will find various interesting videos related to the topic that made you come here. As we are trying out our own skill as far as film making is concerned you will be able to watch them here as well.

1. “Food Waste – A Global Problem”

Below you can watch the first movie we (Hokuma Karimova and Piotr Wielezynski) have made. We have interviewed our friends and family members asking 5 questions related to food waste. The idea was to show what is the current level of awareness about food waste among people from various countries. You are more than welcome to take a look what was the result.

2. “Pandora’s Lunchbox – Part 1”

This is part 1 of Democracy Now’s report on the new book by Melanie Warner entitled “Pandora’s Lunchbox: Pulling Back the Curtain on How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal”. A study into how America’s food has been replaced by processed food, which is filled with chemicals, doesn’t decompose and has become anything but healthy, even if it comes packed with vitamins. Enjoy the first part, and come back soon for the second one.

3. GM and what they’re doing

Big GM companies, such as Monsanto, are dominating our food production system, displacing local farmers from the sector and lowering the diversity of foods available to us. With the passage of the new ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ the FDA will no longer be able to tell big companies to start their food production from the start if a judge finds the process was done incorrectly. The question that arises from this is: Why is that? What does Monsanto want to achieve? Learn more from this news report.

4. What is the the Ethical Choice for us?

This video will show you how little of the resources on our planet are actually available for agricultural purposes. It is kind of shocking but at least it motivates us to work harder in order to make a change in our food system!

5. How to feed the world in 2050?

“To achieve food security in a changing climate, the global community must operate within three limits: the quantity of food that can be produced under a given climate; the quantity needed by a growing and changing population; and the effect of food production on the climate. At present the planet operates outside that safe space, as witnessed by the enormous number of people who are undernourished. If current trends in population growth, diets, crop yields and climate change continue, the world will still be outside this ‘safe operating space’ in 2050. Humanity must urgently work to enlarge the safe space and also move the planet into the safe space. The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change has a produced a set of concrete policy actions to transform the food system.”

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