Indian Wedding

slogan 4I haven’t been lucky to take part in an Indian Wedding, at least not yet, but that is on my top 10 things to do before I die. All the colors, the beautiful music, silk saris, and delicious food! It’s a piece of heaven on Earth, especially if you are a big lover of food and music like me.

So when our blog reader messaged me and told me about his wedding in Mumbai and that he’d like to include some slogans to bring the guests attention to food waste that happens at big gatherings, I jumped for joy! It was incredible to see how concern for stopping food waste spans continents, language barriers, traditions and everything else that we see as factors separating us.

One of the biggest ideas behind Say No To Food Waste was to bring us all a bit closer, and make the discussion about food waste more prominent in our global village. Today I’m happy to see that this dream is slowly coming true. Can’t wait for all the future weddings and festivities Say No To Food Waste will take part in!

If you are reading this and planning a wedding or some big festivity and would also like to get your guests to stay conscious about food waste, drop me a line. I’d be happy to help you with that!

For all the wedding slogans and a few images from the wedding, visit the Facebook album.