Bite sized wisdom: the path is the goal

Every seed comes with a purpose. Take the seed of a flower for instance. This seed has all the instructions on how to break open, ingest nutrients, drink water and soak in life. fulfill its ultimate life goal, blooming and pollinating for the next generation, the seed realizes it purpose day by day as it unfolds into a beautiful flower.

To change its destiny would be impossible. A rose came here to be a rose and nothing else. So have we come here with a purpose of our own. We will achieve it one way or another, but enjoying the path through all its stages is something we forget to do.

We do have some control, such as the intake of three key elements: water, nutrition and energy, the portion and combination of which can either propel or hinder our development.  So, we do have input into what happens to us. Still, a rose by another other name will still be itself no matter how much water, nutrition or energy it takes in.

Nature shows us this message cycle after cycle, seasons after season, and yet we somehow forget that everything unfolds, changes and repeats. We cannot control what type of seed we are, all that we can do is accept the journey and enjoy the ride, because no one knows where it may lead to.

Right here, right now, life is happening.

Welcome life!