Bite sized wisdom: stick to the core


Have you seen a tree blowing in the wind? A willow swaying on the banks of a creek, with the leaves moving, jumping, curving left and right, following the wind patterns.

While the leaves sway, the core of the tree is sturdy. Its branches are flexible and ready to face all incoming weather. Its trunk goes deep into the roots connecting to the Earth’s core, a place of strength that’s not visible to the eyes because it’s deep within.

That’s where all confidence comes from, a hidden place of power. Coming from a self that’s connected to the environment around. A self that knows to live in the moment, feeding off the surrounding energy. With time, we begin to understand things by collecting all life’s moments and analyzing them for a deeper knowledge. Not just coasting through life’s day to day events, but going deeper and drawing patterns of our actions. now we are feeding off the energy around, but it doesn’t mean we’re feeding off the right energy. Having stopped feeding off the energy of our environment, we are now feeding off the energy of distractions. A glow of a dark screen as a new text message comes in, a red number on top of Facebook messenger, or an orange heart on a lovely photo. Distractions are addicting and they’re everywhere, but they’ll forever stay a distraction.

What really matters though is self actualization, self realization, self love and analysis. The roots of a tree begin in a seed. Its identity forever hidden inside Earth. By knowing who we are, learning to empower ourselves, and being kind to ourselves we become flexible for we will always believe in our own strength. Whichever way the situation may turn, we will always be true to the core principles that hold us up.

We develop these core principles with experience, trial and error, and constant innovation. By picking three or four to stick to, we adopt the ones that resonate with us. They can be either exercising, making a smoothie, trying to keep a promise, etc.

To be successful in life you have to first tap into yourself and find your hidden strength. If you stick to those values, even if pushed and pulled, you’ll never lose your bearings. Let’s pick a destination to follow, wherever it may lead. To do so, follow your heart, it regenerates itself and powers your whole body. It has wisdom to share, so listen in.

These ups and downs can shift through the day, but at the end of it we are who we are. So let’s make sure that we have a good core to grow on.

Happy developing!