Spending all the money on food

1In the world there are only 2 countries that spend more than 45% of their income on food: Cameroon (46.8%) and Azerbaijan (46.9%). The two are found in different places, one is in Africa and the other in the Caucasus region. The two also differ on their Hunger Index, while things are very serious for the 19.6 million Cameroonians, the 9 million Azerbaijanis face a low risk of hunger.

But, what these two seemingly different countries both worry about are rising food prices. As global prices on food rise due to lower yields as a result of inclement weather and political unrest, families in both countries find it hard to put food on the table. A great example is of Azerbaijan. In 2011, when global wheat prices dramatically rose, Azerbaijani´s watched the price of wheat produce rise by 24%. For families who already spend half of their income on food, it became challenging to continue buying same amounts of food, while managing their home, electricity, water and daily living expenses.

Governments of these countries need to pay more attention to their food security, ensuring that enough is being done to keep their populations with enough money to afford local staple foods despite growing prices. This task will become more difficult as global population and food price tags increase with every year.