Food Waste Fashion

Move over fair trade and organic produce, there’s a new way to show support for the environment. A fashion company called Hoyan Ip is finding a link between fashion and food waste by reusing materials from the two industries, and creating something new.

The “Bio-Trimmings” project uses clothing that is no longer in season, and adds on food pieces, such as chips, onto the clothes. The designer cooks, dries, paints, molds and adds the food onto different garments. These colorful food scarps embellish the clothes by adding color and texture rarely found in traditional fashion.

Although this trend might take a while to catch on, especially in circles of hot couture, it is surely a new way of putting a dent on the global trend of our ‘trow away society’. We hope this London based fashion company paves a way for other future projects that address the issue of ‘food waste’ in nonconventional and inspiring ways.