Keeping your greens fresh

Hey Friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Today is one of my favorite days, and no, it’s not because of the booze, it’s because of the color GREEN! If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is one of my favorite colors (the other being blue).' is a symbol of the environment, of renewal and life. As we celebrate today and wait for spring, which arrives in a few days, it’s good to have more green in your life. You can do this by wearing green clothes, buying green plants or growing your own plants (like the green semeni that’s grown in all the households of Azerbaijan for the Novruz celebration – the coming of spring).

You can also add green to your plate with avocado that magically turns into guacamole. Speaking of, here’s a cool tip on keeping your avocados fresh. The video below shows you different ‘techniques’ to keep your unused avocado slices fresh. In it you’ll see different techniques tested, everything from plastic wrap and ziploc bags, to olive oil and onions, but the are only two winners in the end.

If curious, check out the video below….and if you don’t have time then scroll for the two winning instructions.

The first winner was the sliced avocado placed inside a plastic container the bottom of which was covered in sliced onion. The chemical properties of the onion kept the avocado fresh, without affecting the taste (as it only touched the bottom (skinned part) of the avo). The second winner was lemon juice. If you poured lemon juice on top of an avocado half and sealed it in a container it would stay equally as fresh as the onion one.

So, with these tips I hope you venture out to your grocery store and stock up on avocados. Use some to make guacamole for today’s snack and the other unused half place in a container lined with onions, or just squeeze some lemon juice on top. It will stay fresh and be ready for your next party or avocado craving.

Happy eating & drinking!