Mid week delicacy: Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

saynotofoodwaste.healthy.vegetables.recipe.diet.sustainable.delicious.yum.food.good.12Getting picky eaters to consume their daily dose of veggies can be tricky, especially if the veggies are not common on a menu. Solving this challenge can be simple. The trick is to combine the ingredients least likely on their mind with something they like. In this case, we paired brussels sprouts with pasta, and for the meat eaters, we added bacon as an extra reward for changing things up. Try this delicious Pasta with Brussels Sprouts recipe by Ingrid this week! When you do, let us know how it goes. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback and post your food images on our social networks.

Happy eating!
Hokuma & Ingrid

This is what you’ll find inside the pdf:

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