You will find here a list of interesting movies, books or websites covering the topic of food waste.



e9e1354cacb99c79eba4342f5b5ffcb11. “DIVE!” – (Living Off America’s Waste) A film made by Jeremy Seifert tells you a story about a group of young Americans who live off of food found in dumpsters of retail stores.It reveals the world of billions of pounds of food waste being generated by this sector in the USA. A true eye-opener!!

W-film_Plakat_TTW2. “Taste the waste” – A german documentary made by Valentin Thurn shows you the big picture of the European food waste problem. On the way from the farm to the dining-room table, more than half the food lands in the dump. Most of it before it ever reaches consumers. For example every other head of lettuce or potato.It has received many awards for the best documentary in 2010, e.g.:
  • Germany: Atlantis Environment- and Nature- Film Festival, Best Film 2011
  • Belgium: Image Sante Festival, Liege, first prize in the Environment session


3. “Just Eat It – A food waste story” – It is a movie that is in production at the moment and is supposed to come out in fall 2013. Chech out the website to learn about the details!!



1. “Waste – Uncovering the global food scandal” – So far it is “THE” book about food waste. Tristram Stuart gives you a broad picture about the whole issue explaining what are the reasons for wasting food in different sectors and tells you why the whole food related system works in such a way.”Waste” is also a great source of statistics from different countries. It means it is the perfect book for anybody that wants to know more about the whole problem or even write a paper. Definitely a must for those who are interested in the topic!


2. “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” – Michael Pollan answers the question of what should you have for dinner. He follows each of the food chains that sustain us: organic food, industrial food and alternative food. It is an analysis form the farm to the fork and you can learn what kind of processes are included into the production of what you love so much.It is written in a beautiful way and very easy to read. For anybody that decide to take time to read it, food during meals will never look the same again.


3.“Food Rules – an eater’s manual” – Micheal Pollan decided to make it very simple. He wrote a manual on what rules should we follow in order to eat in a healthy way.  Pollan’s 84 rules are very easy to understand and can be easily implemented if a given person has enough will power. Here are a few of them:
1. It is better to eat something that stands on one leg, than something that stands on two legs, than something that stand on four legs.
2. Don’t get your fuel at the same place your car does.
3. A glass of red wine every day is good for you.
4. Sometimes you need to break some rules.


4. “American Wasteland” – Jonathan Bloom chronicles how we waste food from farm to fork and examines the impact of our squandering. With an upbeat tone, the book offers suggestions on how we—as a nation and as individuals—can trim our waste. A word of warning: It’s a book that forces you to reconsider your approach to food. Because once you’re looking for food waste, it’s hard to miss. (the description was taken form the book’s website)It is a great study for those who are interested in knowing the detais about the food waste issue in America. As Stuart, Bloom also gives a lot of statistics that helps you understand better the whole problem.


3034291. Feeding 5k – is a movement created by Tristram Stuart. It is being hel across UK and recently it had its first appearance overseas in Paris. The main goal beside creating awareness is to “feed 5000 bellies” with food that otherwise would be discarded. On the website you can sign a pledge in order to aproove his message. To discover more about Tristram Stuart please visit his website.


2. Love Food Hate Waste – is a website brought to you by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Plan – a non-profit organization financed by the UK Government). It provides you with a lot of information and facts about food waste. The main goal of this webiste is to raise awareness among households on how to prevent food waste. many tools are provided, among which you have a meal planner for the whole family, which is also available as a smart phone App.

feeding america

3. Feeding America – is a leading American non-profit that fights hunger. It has the biggest food banks network in the world. The site porvides you with many useful information about hunger in the US as well as with many food related facts. Recently it has reveled a great tool, which is called Map the Meal Gap. Worth discovering!!


4. EPA Food Waste section – The Environmental Protection Agency is an agency of the US federal government. The food waste section gives you basic information about the topic. You can find who or what are the reasons for the generation of food waste, what is the hierarchy of food recovery, how and where you can compost and what are the challenges of food waste. Definetely an interesting and reliable source of information.


5. 3.500 Milliones – A Spanish blog by Gonzalo Fanjul and Lucilla Rodriguez-Alarcon. It covers topics related to poverty (3.500 million of people live under the poverty line) and hunger issues. A very well written and a reliable source of information for people interested in the problem. For spanish speakers only.


6. – is another website with facts about hunger and food waste in the world. Live update of statistics makes you understand the problem.


7. Natural Resources Defense Council – The NRDC is one of the most prosperous law firms working on environment related issues. The website provides you with information about all the issues the firm is working on. On of the issues is food and agriculture related. In this subpage you will be able to find information about how to keep contaminants out of food, how to make sustainable and healthy eating easier or how to promote a sustainable way of foos production.


8. Food Banks – Below you will find a list of links to some Food Banks Federations. Many of them have information about donations and food waste in the given country.

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