We are an organization that aims to fight food waste through awareness raising and educational events, blogs and interesting info-graphics. No one wants to waste food and natural resources, yet 1/3 of produced food is wasted. By bringing more attention to the problems and listing solutions, we hope to resolve the issue.  


Our mission is to make the problem of food waste understandable by raising awareness in different ways: events, videos, articles, campaigns, blogs and discussions. We want people to see that it’s an integral part of daily activities that has a negative impact.


By 2020 we see ourselves establishing Disco Soup events in various US states. We want these events to be a staple part of supermarket Corporate Social Responsibility plans. Through volunteering and educational events, the public awareness around the issue has increased, and has helped transform the current urban food systems.


Hokuma Karimova


Graduated with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility from EOI in Madrid, Spain. Together with Piotr she focused her thesis on the problem of food waste in the retail sector of Spanish supermarkets, which opened her eyes to the vast environmental problems this phenomenon is causing. Upon her graduation Hokuma was motivated to continue her work towards reducing the waste of edible food, saving the planets valuable resources and keeping people well nourished. When she has some free time, she likes to fill it with music, dancing, friends and food!

Eva Reynolds

Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in International Relations, Spanish, and German from the University of Rochester. Extremely passionate about all things food, she is currently part of the DC Food Recovery Working Group and volunteers with FoodRescue US, a project that enables food runners to deliver surplus food from businesses to hunger-relief organizations. Since meeting Hokuma in 2010, Eva has been contributing written pieces and infographics to Saynotofoodwaste. She plans to pursue a Master’s and, eventually, a career pertaining to sustainable food policy.

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  1. I think this blog is great. It offers helpful, thoughtful and informative discussion. Plus, the graphics are great. Because of this, and because someone was kind enough to nominate me I am passing forward the Very Inspiring Blogger award to you.

    Briefly here are the rules:
    1. Display the award in a blog post (you can grab the image from my blog)
    2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a pingback.
    3. Tell us 7 things about yourself
    4. Nominate 15 other blogs and link them on your site
    5. Let them know with a comment on their blog, and include instructions as to how to accept.

  2. I love your mission, great job! I would like to discuss another aspect of the food waste problem.
    The large amount of food waste is a lose-lose situation for the environment, the struggling families in today’s tough economy and for the food retailers. We should address the food waste problem in every link in our food supply chain. For example, the excess inventory of perishable food items close to their expiration on supermarket shelves causes waste.
    The consumer “Last In First Out” shopping behavior might be one of the weakest links of the fresh food supply chain.
    Why not encourage efficient consumer shopping behavior by offering him automatic and dynamic purchasing incentives for perishables approaching their expiration dates before they end up in a landfill?
    The new emerging GS1 DataBar standard enables automatic applications that offer dynamic incentives for perishables approaching their expiration dates.
    The “End Grocery Waste” application, which is based on GS1 DataBar standard, encourages efficient consumer shopping behavior that maximizes grocery retailer revenue and makes fresh food affordable for all families while effectively reducing the global carbon footprint. You can look this application up at EndGroceryWaste.com

    Chicago, IL

    1. Thanks so much! Happy to see you enjoying the topics and materials we have here. The nomination looks really interesting, we’ll check it out! Thanks for linking it and nominating us! ;)

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