Food Assistance Resources in MD

Hello Friends,

It’s a crazy time we’re living through!

Aside from all the chaos, there is also a lot of fear and uncertainty that adds on to stress.

If you and your family are suffering through this time, please see below some valuable tools and resources (for those living in the state of Maryland), to get you as much assistance as possible as we navigate this period.

Our organization continues to do weekly food donation runs, ensuring that organic and delicious food from MOM’s Organic Market goes to families in need, and not landfills.

In case you are healthy and able, and would like to contribute your energy and time to being a solution during this global pandemic, reach out to us on Facebook or leave a comment below, and we’ll let you know how you can take an active part in all of this.

Thank you and stay safe!

Big Picture View:
– Number of food donation sources have declined
– Number of food assistance seekers has doubled
– Organizations are switching to prepared meal donations
(to reduce exposure and need to serve hot meals in person)
– SNAP applications extended by 6 months and can be done online
– Families can now pick up food for children without them being there in person

food volunteering

COVID-19 Resources

Moco Food Council

COVID-19: Local Food System Resources

COVID-19 Response:

Montgomery County Food System COVID-19 Response

Call: 240-777-1003

Call: 301-762-9426 

Montgomery County Public Schools 

Women Who Care Ministries

Manna Food Bank 

Non-Profit Resources

Community Foundation COVID Grants 



MoCo Volunteering

COVID-19 Volunteering Guidelines:

Community Food Rescue
visit: commnityfoodrescue 



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