Cooking with Grams – Cabbage Piroshki

Cabbage is amazing. :)

It is easy to make, delicious to taste and incredibly nutritious.
No wonder it’s our go to ingredient for this Russian dish called piroshki.

If you give it a try and find that you like it, let us know.

And if you want to try other ingredients, go wild, the sky is the limit.

Good eating!
Grams + Hoki


  • two eggs (to cook)
  • one egg yolk (for piroshki)
  • one cabbage
  • one onion
  • cooking oil (your choice)
  • a can of dough
  • some flour
  • turmeric
  • salt & pepper


  1. boil some water and add salt
  2. place the cabbage to boil
  3. take the eggs and boil them as well
  4. chop the onion
  5. drain the cabbage
  6. mix the cabbage and the onion
  7. sprinkle with salt, pepper and turmeric to taste
  8. dice the eggs and top them with the rest
  9. open up the dough and roll it out with flour
  10. wait for the cabbage to cool and scoop on the dough
  11. fold it up and stack it up on the baking sheet
  12. brush some egg yolk on top of piroshki
  13. bake at 370F until golden
  14. enjoy!

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