Cooking with Grams – Butternut Qutab

Today we have a delicious Azerbaijani dish!

The closest thing to compare it to is an empanada.
And like any empanada, the type of fillings you can add are endless.

As we are focusing on seasonal food, the ingredient we chose was butternut squash.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Good eating!
Grams + Hoki


two butternut squash
one onion
two packs of moo-shu shells
cooking oil
salt + pepper
sumac (by preference)


1. chop and peel the butternut squash
2. steam the squash on low fire
3. when soft, mash it up, adding salt + pepper for flavor
4. chop and sauté an onion
5. mix the squash and onion in a bowl
6. open up the moo-shu shells
7. brush some water on the shell
8. add one spoon of topping
9. close it up and place on griddle
10. flip when golden
11. butter it up (and add sumac if you prefer)
12. enjoy!

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