Bite sized wisdom: seasons of a day

It seems like every living thing has a cycle to follow. There are four seasons in a year, different stages in a caterpillar’s metamorphosis, and different shapes a seed takes on before blooming into a flower.

If this is a fundamental truth of nature then does it mean we have seasons in a day? A spring, summer, fall and winter? If so, then our days might look something like this:

Spring (Morning) – You wake up slowly, but once off your feet you are full of energy which you acquired during your long night’s rest.

Summer (Brunch) – This is the time things really starting to heat up. You are on fire, responding to e-mails right and left, printing out copies of reports and dropping wisdom at meetings. You have reached the peak of your energy supply!

Fall (Afternoon) – After a long time in the heat you feel a bit burnt out. Your brain and muscles begin to relax from the day’s worth of work, and brain firings begin to cool.

Winter (Evening) – Having spent your energy on the day, it is time to hibernate with food, warmth and comfort. In the cold you heat yourself up, replenish your energy and set yourself for the upcoming day ahead.

With this in mind, is it possible to say that we have some cycles we follow, and the trick is to find the times or seasons that work in our favor. Doing so could help us find the period that works best to wake up to, to adjust to, to play with or to reinvent completely.

Each day is different. Just like each year brings us a new season, the goal of life is to enjoy each moment. To do that, our bodies and minds need to function sustainably and efficiently. One way to do this is to draw patterns that we can analyze and learn from.

Whichever route is taken, whichever season becomes crowned the favorite, things change, years become shorter, months become longer and everything around gets older.

Embracing the fleeting moments is what we have but uncovering its patterns is something fun to do – both for creativity and sustainability.

Happy uncovering!

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