Bite sized wisdom: from roots to fruits

Every seed holds undiscovered potential. It is a chance at new beginnings and new life.

In order for this possibility to unfold we first need to place the seed in soil – a dark matter that we know little about.

Aside from the fact that we walk on land, we have no idea what minerals and living organisms hide beneath our feet. And once we plant a seed all we can do is water it without knowing the changes manifesting inches below. without peeking at what we sow, we keep praying that something will grow. We focus our attention on taking care of the seed. We shower it with water, give it love and hope that our efforts lead to something rewarding. We imagine that in time we will see the fruits of our labor and even get to taste them.

This process is true for all seeds, no matter how tall or short the plant grows, and whether or not it flowers once or bares many yields.

In our daily lives we forget that our own relationships, projects and dreams follow a similar path. Once an idea is planted in the dark matter of our minds we invest energy and time into its development. Guided by blind faith we agonize over our goals without any guarantee that they will come true.

Those who have patience and strong belief keep trying and toiling over their seeds and ideas for as long as it takes until results start appearing. Unfortunately, the current lifestyle values quick results, immediate reactions and satisfactions, and that is just not natural. For anything meaningful to grow it must be given time and love. It takes hard work before the bounty can be harvested and enjoyed.

Our daily lives take us away from our plants. Sitting behind a desk, maintaining our friendships over social media and telephone screens, and craving immediate results, we forget and then get jaded about the ways of our world.

In my own life, I strive to go back to basics. I make conscious efforts to be good to myself and to others. And most importantly, when I find something that I truly love and want to realize I remind myself that all good things take time. That for any seed to grow it must first develop roots which expand at their own pace, away from my sight, and that all I can do is to keep trying, to keep caring for the idea until it shows me some signs – good or bad.

Of course, in bad moments the seeds we plant never break open their shells and the soil lacks nutrients for growth. In those situations we must find new ground and new seeds to plant. But only time can reveal our future. The only power we have is deciding the type of seeds we choose to plant and making a conscious effort to care for them in the face of the unknown.

Let’s remember that it takes roots to grow fruits and we must be patient.

Let’s start planting!

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