Bite sized wisdom: Guided by nature

Dear Friends,

It’s peak summer and I’m happy to say that my strawberry and tomato plants are still bearing fruits! I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality it’s producing, these bite sized treats are bursting with flavor. The best part – they were grown with love at home.

Not all my garden plants are flourishing though. The dill had to be cut down and up-rooted because it was attracting too many ants and other insects. And the cilantro was trimmed down because it was getting white spots all over its leaves, which couldn’t be a healthy sign.

As summer slips away, I’m already thinking about what to plant next. To get an idea of what’s out there, I plan to visit a nearby plant nursery to buy directly from the source. I have fallen in love with gardening because with each little thing you give, you receive two or threefold more! Nature is amazing but we don’t observe or listen to it enough.

I’m off to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with the world.

Happy living!

Take away ideas from my experiences:

1. Not everything you plant survives, be ready to replace it with something better.
2. Give a little and you will get a lot!
3. There are at least three solutions to any problem. If one doesn’t work remember the others.

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