Bite sized wisdom from flowers

Dear Friends,

We are in the midst of the summer season. Birds chirrup, flowers bloom and our hearts skip with happiness at the sight of all this beauty.

Seeing so many colors and varieties I always wondered: How can plants be fragile and yet stay agile? My continued search for answers left me with the following thoughts.

saynotofoodwaste.sunshine.wisdom.bitesized.happiness.dream31. Patience, love and care.

Essential blocks of any successful relationship, project or outcome depend on these three building blocks. When patience is there it makes room for much-needed communication, when love is around we always see the positive in what interests us, and care ensures that all this is sustained for long periods of time. No plant, human or project can survive without these essential components.

saynotofoodwaste.sunshine.wisdom.bitesized.happiness.dream22. Instinct or choice?

It is a desire of many to be wild, young and free, but life shows us these things come and go. A plant that is wild can be anything, but it won’t nourish you as the one you cultivate and work on. And while it will fend for itself, it won’t feed a village. One proverb that carved itself into my memory is: Walk alone to go fast, walk together to go far. Sometimes our instincts beckon us to freedom, but most important is the freedom of choice.

saynotofoodwaste.sunshine.wisdom.bitesized.happiness.dream3. Look to the sun.

Plants that obtain sunshine, warmth and positivity flourish. Those who can’t reach this vital source of energy wither and die. Light is what keeps our planet living, and that’s no exception for humans. To lead a fruitful and fulfilling life we too need positive energy. Staying optimistic and trying to see the good in any given situation is the secret to a happy life. Let’s find this source of energy in our lives and look to it with a smile.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any observations to share in the comments below.

I’m off to live, love and give!

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