Bite sized wisdom: Planting Opportunities

Have you ever thought of all the amazing things you could do when you were little? You were a master at yoga and flexibility way before Instagram showed you it was ‘cool’. And you were a brave explorer, climbing over stairs and discovering uncharted grounds.

Truth is, a lot of what we learn and the habits we form come from what we expose ourselves to when we are young. The more sports you take up, languages you learn, and places you visit, the more rich and diverse your life will be. After all, diversity is what leads to innovation, and plants are the perfect example of this!

In the spring plants shed their flowers, throw their seeds into the wind and let the flow of life decide their future. But what can we learn from their engineering and their seeds?

Here are three things to remember.

1. Plant as many seeds as possible. eating an apple, glancing on a sunflower or biting into a grape, you’ll notice that plants have more than one seed. These green friends of ours know that the key to success is in quantity. By exposing yourself to different activities you are bound to learn what makes you happy and what does not. Maybe you’ll find you are good at more than one sport, or maybe you’ll find you’re not good at any sport that happens on land, and what you really need to do is move yourself into the water! There is always one truth: if you never try, you’ll never know.

2. Trial and error leads to success. you think that plants learned the art of regeneration over night? Not at all, it took years and many errors until plants found the most effective and efficient way to go around. While some plants turn into white fuzz that attracts even grown up kids like myself to blow on the mane of a dandelion, other seeds chose a different variation. But, all these tactics were lessons learned from a previous error. Sadly, we have much less time than plants, and must learn quickly about what makes us feel alive. And if you haven’t found it yet, change-up your tactic, or maybe look at things from a different perspective.

3. To reach your full potential, break free from your shell. in motion stay in motion. No matter what is going on, whatever dark or light, wet or dry, easy or hard place you are in remember that it’s not going to last. And, that to experience your full potential you’ll have to be ok with breaking out of your comfort zone. Keep moving forward, even if it’s a long, tedious and slow process. Grow until you see birds and sunshine, the stars and the moon, thunder and rain, and the entire Earth moving before you. Remember that time slips through our fingers and that what grows withers, but none of it is worthwhile unless you bloom in the process. Life is about discovering your best self. Are you stepping far enough from your mind’s shadow to see what you really look like?

In the end, everything is precious because nothing lasts. So plant the seeds as far and as many as you can to see what blossoms.

Cheers to the seeds of possibility!

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