Mid week delicacy: Crispy Polenta Cakes

saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.5While spring is almost around the corner, the recent cold spells are probably keeping you bundled up in layers. This week we layer up with the traditional dish of lasagna, but add in lots of colors from vegetables. Not only will this Crispy Polenta Cakes recipe keep you warm, but it will remind you of all the different colors awaiting you in Spring time. The best part, this deliciousness takes only 40 minutes to make. So what are you waiting for? In less than an hour you’ll be eating a tasty, healthy and colorful version of an Italian staple.

Happy eating friends!
Hokuma & Ingrid

Here’s what you’ll see inside:
saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.7saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.8saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.9 saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.10   saynotofoodwaste.midweekdelicacy.recipe.healthy.happy.food.love.share.11

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