Healthy and Sustainable on Halloween

Pumpkins, fall colors, scary jack-o’-lanterns and pounds of candy!

Highlights of the deliciously scary day are abundant. For Americans, October 31st is the day of celebrating their inner child. Dressed in scary, or sexy costumes, adults and kids alike stroll the streets and neighborhoods in search of candy. Of course, for adults it’s usually ‘eye candy’ that really motivates the evening plans.

Either way, one thing far from people’s minds on Hallow’s Eve is food waste. Yet, as a very scary topic, I’m surprised it’s not adequately covered.

final pumpkin

A Statistic like this: ‘95% of pumpkins sold on Halloween are wasted, with 5% re-used in meals,’ is scary! In UK, 18,000 tons of pumpkins end up in landfills after all the ghosts go home.

With so much hunger and malnutrition, these pumpkins can serve a higher purpose than decoration. For a vegetable, there’s no worse a death than failure to meet your life’s purpose to nourish a soul.

Another concern on Halloween is the rate at which Americans consume candy. Colorful chocolates, shiny wrappers and cocaine like addiction, drives adults and children to overindulged in sugar. Considering that on a daily basis Americans consume TRIPLE the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested sugar dosage, is it really necessary to set aside an annual day to celebrate a fructose overdose? leads to many health diseases, including obesity and diabetes. To limit these effects, here’s an idea for the concerned parent. Instead of throwing away your pumpkins, celebrate Halloween with a home-cooked meal. Try something exotic, such as Azerbaijani Qutabs with Pumpkin! You’ll not only expand the life of this fall vegetable, but enrich your child’s palette. As for sugar, switch from sugar rich sweets to more nutritious options, like baked goods. An oatmeal cupcake, or a homemade apple pie will be less harmful than processed candy.

If you don’t have time for baking, check out these delicious alternatives to hand out on Halloween. Whatever comes your way, I wish you a great time with family and friends! Have fun and stay safe!

Happy trick or treating!

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