Happy Food Day – Let’s fast!

food-dayIt’s Food Day. A time to stop and reflect on the bounty and beauty of colorful, healthy and fresh food. Without the fruits, which extract vitamins and nutrients from the ground and seal in kisses of the sun, we wouldn’t be as energetic and agile as we are!

So, let’s focus on the bigger picture. The food system is run by corporations and governments who created policies that favor profit over sustainability. As consumers, we are not free of guilt. Our desire to save money pushed a wave of cheap, ‘food like’ substances, which substitute real organic matters in foods we consume. And even current trends of ‘healthy’ have caused companies to green-wash our beliefs, labeling things Natural or Organic, even when they are not truly so.

Large-scale farms, over use of fertilizers and intensive farming has weakened our environment and soil. The food we produce today is lower in vitamins, lacks in diversity and lost its taste. But it looks better, and as long as it’s cheap, we buy it! This illusion of abundance, of cheap and attractive food is costing us! To solve this problem, we need to study it. We need to analyze the flaws and gaps, and really take time to share information, to collaborate on a solution.

Fasting_4-Fasting-a-glass-of-water-on-an-empty-plateSuch clarity of mind comes only with patience and silence. It also comes with the cleansing of the system. And with that said, today I’m embarking on a fasting journey for a better food system. For the next two days I will consume no food, drink lots of water, and I live simply. With a clear mind and time on my hands, I will read about the problems plaguing our food system. Then, I will share them with you through an obstacle road map. And together, we will brainstorm the solutions. If passionate about food and sustainability, I encourage you to join me. Of course, you should pick a fasting option that suits you best. But even if you don’t fast, then spend some time in thought. Ponder about the process that brings food to your table, and ask yourself: Do you like what you eat? Does the food you consume harm the planet and you? What can you do about it?

Let’s celebrate the building of a happy future!
Will you join?

By Hokuma

One thought on “Happy Food Day – Let’s fast!

  1. The kind of food we are getting nowadays do not contain as much nutrition value as before, and with the damage it is doing to the environment, it will only go downhill from here. It is indeed time to reflect on sustainability and what we can do to change this.


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