Disco Soupe DC

rooftopSecond time around is better? I think so!
Lots of red tomatoes, green zucchinis, yellow peppers, brown potatoes and tan onions.
These produce were bagged for clients, and some were chopped to be made into soup.

This time around we saved 620 pounds of food from Mexican Fruits and MOM’s supermarket. It is hard to imagine good food going to waste, but when you see it, smell it and hold it in your hands, you realize that this has to end! It is insane that we live in a world where business owners would rather throw away fruits and veggies because it is cheaper than donate it to community members in need.

Yes, food waste is not a sexy topic. Especially because putting the word ‘waste’ after food makes you not want to consume it. But calling it ‘food surplus’ is also incorrect, for this food is needed, but considered unsellable because of cosmetics standards. And while I’m having a hard time figuring out the best word choice for this, I believe keeping it simple and calling it by its pure name “food” is a good start.

Food takes energy, land, water, labor and other resources to grow. Food keeps us alive, and as our population grows, food becomes more precious. So why does anyone throw away food? It isn’t right. And just like racism or discrimination, which are socially unacceptable, this ideology needs to be extended to wasting food.

The Say No To Food Waste community is doing just that. We are bringing together groups of individuals who want to make a difference and create a better world. We rely on people’s energy and enthusiasm to help channel unwanted food into the right hands! If you believe that to make the world a better place we must start with ourselves and our communities, then join us!

For more information about organizations that took part at our event, click here: Disco Soupe Directory 2.

Look forward to seeing you at the next Disco Soupe DC!

With much love,

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