Sustainable fashion


20140517-135248.jpg Hokuma Karimova photographed by Mariia Berezina. Hokuma wearing a vintage silk dress from Azerbaijan and a vintage belt from Spain.

When you hear sustainable fashion, what do you think about? There are many definitions, but the ideal is one that unites fashion and environment in a harmonious union. In the present society that we live in, it is easy to buy a piece of clothing, wear for a season (most probably only one or two times) and throw it out. If I hashtag was used to describe this lifestyle, it would be #consumeconsume.

How are the fashion companies reacting? They have started to make clothes that typically use majority synthetic materials – gone are the days of mostly 100% cashmere or silk. The lower quality clothes are in turn easily disposable, which leads to quick customer turnover, since they want to get rid of their shabby clothes and instead buy the latest…

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