Cinco de Mayo – with no Limoh! me tell you a little story about a lime named Lime-n-cello from Mexico. He was round, very green and a bit sour. But all the people loved him! From USA and way down to Australia. He was the staple of his culture, the guy you always want around. Especially when it was time for celebration! He was a local hero of sorts.

But one day, a little change in climate swayed his destiny in a different direction. When a tree disease swept the lime plantations in Florida, our little Lime-n-cello saw himself swung at the front lines of history! All the spotlight and fame was very nice, at first, but then others tried to take advantage.

When weather patters in his own hometown were affected by floods and tree disease, local mafia guys began to take things into their own hands. A full conflict between citizen formed self-defense groups and violent Knights Templar cartel broke out.

With 95% of his lime brothers being shipped to USA, and a shortage of such amazing talent, Lime-n-cello found himself torn. He was famous and rich, everyone wanted a piece of him, but at what price? Farmers were hurting, corruption was on the rise, and he became too pricey to attend the events he loved! today, on a day like Cinco de Mayo, a day of victory for Mexico over French forces, Lime-n-cello dissapeared. He won’t be making his usual festive appearances at local bars, or taking a dip in someone’s margarita glass. Instead, he vanished, leaving us to think of his brothers held hostage by violent groups.

He left us without a trace. And today we dream of a time when life was more simple. When people lived and relied more on local produce. When weather patterns in Mexico didn’t hinder celebration plans in USA. And when climate change what still a theory people debated about.

For those celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, remember the story of a famous, but little known guy Lime-n-cello. Be happy and merry, but also drink to the health of the farmers who raised and poured their love over him. Who won’t be shedding tears of joy, but rather tears of sadness for the hardships that await.

Let’s drink to love and life!

Viva la Vida!

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