462 pounds of food

food.recovery.foodwaste.help.hunger.saynotofoodwasteDear Readers,

First of all – THANK YOU! There are 100 amazing souls following this blog, which shows me that there are many people who are aware of the terrible effects food waste has on our planet, and these people are eager to help stop this problem.

When I hear scientists talk about how our world is falling apart due to climate change, I can’t help but fear for our future. The recent report by the IPCC hasn’t helped ease my worries, if anything it made it worse. But coming back to this website and seeing all of you makes me feel that we can make a difference, and we will!

Say No To Food Waste is doing it’s part in solving this issue. Today I wanted to share some images and figures with you. In the past 4 weekends this organization has saved 462 pounds = 210 kilograms of food from the landfill. Instead, this food went towards charities that help feed people in hunger and in need.

As this system expands, I can’t wait to see and meet many of you in real life. Possibly hear from you and your interest in helping volunteer to recover this food.

Cheers to all!

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