A Gift For You!

Dear Friends!

Thank you for all the support and care you have shown to Say No To Food Waste in the past few years. It’s been thanks to your curiosity, understanding and concern for the planet and its food system that we’ve been working hard to bring you these latest news and developments around agriculture.

One of the biggest reasons why food is still wasted today is because big supermarkets have conditioned us to buy food that ‘looks’ the best, but doesn’t necessarily ‘taste’ the best. A perfect example of this are bananas. In the store we are all guilty of buying bananas that are yellow and firm, when in fact the ones with brown spots can provide us with vitamins.

This video is a gift for you. It is something I filmed to show you all a little experiment I did in my own house. Just because the banana looks brown doesn’t mean it’s bad. Opening it up you will find a very healthy and delicious snack to consume. After watching this video go see what’s in your kitchen and what should you eat rather than throw away.

If you want to help even more, then sign and share our petition to tell EU supermarkets to feature wonky fruits and veggies on shelves. It will be a win-win for all!

Sign here: http://bit.ly/1mkEEpi

Many hugs!

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