Organic Food – The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Some easy and very important information about healthy nutrition. Worth a while!

Green Futures

Doctor I’m Having a Chemical Reaction! In part #05 of our World Environment Day 2013  ‘Think.Eat.Save’ theme we look at the people and planet benefits of organic foods.

Our mass-produced foods are grown using an increasing amount of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. Weeds and bugs are breeding resistance to whatever we throw at them and we’re literally locked in an arms race. All of these chemicals have high environmental footprints and health risks for us.

In the past I’ve always found organic fruit and veg to have two problems; price and appearance. Now that I’m a father the price thing isn’t as much of an issue [although it still rates], and I quickly forget the appearance thing [organic food doesn’t use cosmetics either ; >  ] when the taste hits.

Here’s a quick selection of  the benefits of choosing organic foods;

  1. Better soils; organic farming improves soil health and structure…

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