National Donut Day in USA

donutIn lieu of the National Donut Day here in the USA we wanted to shed some light on the dark side of this round, fried, glazed and sometimes stuffed goodness known as the donut.

In the past we mentioned that it is important to stay clear of refined sugars and flour when picking food to consume. The reason is that refined foods have no nutritional value for your body. In fact, they do the opposite.

As nutritionist Julie Daniluk mentions, the author of Meals that Heal Inflamation, these foods rob your body of vitamins it already has. After consuming a donut made of refined sugar and flour, the vitamin B in your body kicks in to process this food and turn into a form that your body can consume and use as energy. If we continue to consume refined foods we use up our vitamins, such as vitamin B, without replenishing it and begin to experience nutrient deficiency.

As you can see, rather than being used for other vital processes, vitamins in your body get burned on processing food with no nutritional value. Instead of revitalizing your body these processed and refined foods rob you of the healthy vitamins you already have.

The word vitamin literally describes things that are vital for our life. Every cell in your body responds to and gathers energy from the food that is put into it. It is amazing to know that your body is made of all the things you eat. Our flesh is made of protein, our brain is made of fat, the carbohydrates we consume become energy cells, and vitamins and minerals are the enzymes we need to make all of our bodily processes click and function.

If we keep this in mind, we will definitely be more conscious of what foods we put into our body. If we consume unhealthy and nutrient lacking food our body will start breaking down because it will run out of the building blocks that help it function properly.

So when celebrating the National Donut Day, remember, eating in moderation and eating healthy food can help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. We are what we eat, so pay attention to what you consume.

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