Food Myths 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are back with more information of different food myths. Below, you will find more interesting facts on food, thanks to PhD. Malgorzata Drywien from SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences).

  1. WATER is vital for our life. However, it doesn’t mean that if we drink a lot of it will be good for us. Our body process around 2.8 liters of water a day. So we should provide our body with the same amount of water in order to balance our liquids. On average we “eat” 1 liter of water a day, we drink some other beverages, such as juices or tea, so we need to consume a little more than 1 liter of water a day. If we have spent an active day another liter would be needed. On the other hand, if we spend the whole day in the office drinking 5 liters of water, we will enhance the filtration of our kidneys and lose a lot of vitamins and minerals from our body. So everything needs a balance
  2. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE It is true that we should be taking our medicines with grapefruit juice, especially the antiallergic and heart disease related ones. After mixing them with juice their concentration can get much higher and it can cause poisoning of our organism. It doesn’t happen with orange or lemon juice but any kind of medicines should be taken with water.
  3. WHOLEMEAL BREAD VS WHITE BREAD Many people say that whole meal bread is so much better than usual bread. And it is true that it has much more minerals that are very important for the functioning of our organism. However, contrary to a lot of people beliefs it doesn’t have much more calories. For instance, 100 gr of whole meal bread contains 220 kcal and 100 gr of wheat bread contains 248 kcal. If a person eats 10 slices of bread a day than some calories may get saved, but in normal conditions the difference is scarce.
  4. VEGETARIAN DIET IS THE BEST Recent studies carried out in Oxford claims that vegetarians are generally healthier and have fewer heart attacks. It is all true but they were compared with people that are following the traditional western diet filled with fats. As Malgorzata Drywien said, there are some studies that claims that vegetarians compared to people with a reasonable diet were lacking in vitamin B12, iron and calcium.
  5. MILK The topic on milk is divided. Nowadays many specialists talks about our genetical predisposition to digest milk. 70% of the population – Asians, Latinos or Jews do not tolerate milk. In the US or Brazil there are many people with different backgrounds and this is why many people stop to tolerate milk. The Caucasian race is safe to drink milk during their whole life, except 3% that are allergic.  

There is definitely many of specialists that would totally disagree with some of the information I have put in this post. However, it always nice to hear a second opinion. I have just learned a couple of interesting facts and I will try to change my diet so it becomes more rational. I hope that you have learned something too.




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