Campaign results and visibility statistics

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.47.32 PMTwo weeks ago we launched our first campaign to reduce food waste. In order to reduce food waste we thought that we should start by changing some regulations set by the EU (this campaign was focused on the European market). The ‘EU, Bring back Good Food!’ campaign was launched to create more awarness about the topic of specific food standards. In fact in the European Union 10 different types of fruits and vegetables have specific standards on size, shape and color that they have to meet in order to enter the big scale retail market. We know that along the product chain these produce encounter other standards, for example those set by supermarkets. Either way we believe that the most important institution on the “Old Continent” needs to lead by example and not set regulations that in the end directly or indirectly result in food waste.

In order to get the discussion going in the European Parliament we need to get 100,000 signatures, and most importantly 100,000 signatures from EU citizens. Well we are far from that goal, however we had received very good responses from the people that did support us in our efforts. So far we have gathered 427 signatures from 38 different countries. Besides the EU members we have got signatures from countries such as the Bahamas, India, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica and Uganda. We are very happy to get to people from so many countries, because it means that the topic we cover is important for all of us, no matter where we live or what culture we come from.

Even more motivating are the statistics from our website. In the past 45 days (this is when we launched our new website) we had 3,849 views from 83 countries!! To cover the whole world we need to reach only 113 more countries. The top 5 countries from which we got the most of views are:

1. United States – 699 views

2. Azerbaijan – 642 views

3. United Kingdom – 378 views

4. Poland – 297 views

5. Estonia – 229 views

We want to thank all of the people that like us on Facebook (1,004 likes) and that follow us on Twitter (331 followers). You are making us want to work more, create more projects and just be happy that we are able to do something that others enjoy. Once again thank you very much!!

Piotr and Hokuma

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