Restaurant that gives free food?

gleaners kitchenMaximus Thaler, a Tufts University student, wants to feed people, create a space for art, and bring communities together by opening a new underground restaurant and grocery store – The Gleaners’ Kitchen.

This  place will always have hot coffee, tea and lentil soup. At 6pm they will serve food to those who are hungry at no cost, because as Thaler puts it “food is a fundamental right, and should be shared freely with all”.

But this is not just an idea, it will soon be a reality thanks to the amazing people who supported this project on Kickstarter, a page that allows people to post their projects and receive donations from those who are interested in supporting it.

Such a restaurant and grocery store is a creative way to solving our global food waste and hunger problem. Just consider this fact for a second, an average supermarket throws away $2,300 worth of perfectly edible food every single night. In a country such as the United States where 1 in 6 people face hunger, it seems completely wrong!

To learn more about this project, check out their video. We hope you get inspired!

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