Eco-friendly ratings

It is lunch break and you have 30 minutes to purchase a bite to eat and rush back to the office. Of course, you want to pick something that is delicious to eat, but you also want it to be environmentally friendly. But where do you look for such information?

The answer is simple, you can use the Greenopia Guide. This is a company that rates various products, brands and services based on their environmental foot print. You can find ratings for Airlines, Grocery Stores, Fast Food chains, Candy, Beauty Products, Drinks, and so much more.

Although it is currently limited to the United States, it does give you an idea of how your favorite brand names are performing. And since most operate on a similar structure throughout the world, you can be sure that their rating in the US will be very similar to the rating in another country. So if you ever wondered how your daily choices impact the planet, then this is a place to start.

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