Daikon radish dancer

We all know that food is alive. It grows on trees, drinks waters, eats nutrients, gets old and eventually dies. Now imagine what it’s like to see a vegetable that actually ‘looks’ alive as well?

This was a surprise a Japanese farmer got when he uncovered a daikon radish in his garden that looked a lot like a dancing ballerina. As any other person would have done, the farmer took pity on the vegetable and decided that its life was meant to be something bigger than just another vegetable. Instead of cutting it up and serving it as food, the farmer decided to give this dancer a photo shoot, taking pictures of it with a dog, floating through air and running away from a knife.

Soon the world was buzzing with this famous radish dancer. The farmer, who can be found on twitter under the name of @konsai_umemama has posted pictures of other radishes that he unearthed, which also resemble humans.

The take home message? Be vigilant of what you’re eating and don’t expect ‘perfection’ from your fruit and vegetables, because beauty lies in the imperfection. Vegetables are alive and unique, we have to embrace that!

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